The Old Green Chair

Traudi Allen
Balboa Press (2012)
ISBN: 9781452505985
Reviewed by Autumn Summers (age 8), Ciara Summers (age 7), Alyvia Summers (age 5) and Mom for Reader Views Kids (5/14)

“The Old Green Chair” by Traudi Allen takes you on a journey through the life of an old chair. The story begins in a home the chair had lived in for many years, and how the chair felt about each person of the family when they would sit on it.  One day when the two boys were playing a little too rough, the chair fell over and broke one of its legs. “The Old Green Chair” story line flows together nicely and when we reached this part in the book my girls were immediately concerned about the chair, which showed the story was keeping their attention. 

Now that the chair is broken and no one can sit on it, it was placed in the garage. Instead of being unhappy in the garage, the chair stayed positive and only thought happy thoughts. The girls had all kinds of ideas on how to fix the chair and how they would feel if they were put in the garage. I was very pleased at how my girls were interacting with the book and thinking through the problems the chair continued to face, including the time that the chair was placed on the curb as garbage. Just as all seemed lost, something wonderful happened and the chair was happy again.

 When we were done reading “The Old Green Chair” the girls were reviewing the book on their own, as well as the journey the little chair took and how in the end it all worked out. I was very pleased that they understood the lesson in the story.

“The Old Green Chair” by Traudi Allen is an endearing tail that takes you through the hardships the little chair has to overcome, and how it manages to stay positive even though there seems to be no solution to the problem. I would recommend this story as a wonderful tale to tell children of all ages.

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