Nalah and the Pink Tiger

Anne Sawyer-Aitch
Scarletta Press (2012)
ISBN 9781938063008
 Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 6) for Readers Views (7/14)

“Nalah and the Pink Tiger” by Anne Sawyer-Aitch is about a girl who loves animals and has a big imagination.  She thinks that her mom cannot see all the wild animals that she can.  Nalah was always playing in her room and her mom was always telling her to please clean up, and her friend Mad Tooth, which is a mouse that lives in her sock drawer, will always mess it up. 

Percival Prong is a polka dot pig that loved to sit in the bathroom sink and sings and reads. Also there is a big Emu named Ernestina that hangs from the chandelier, and she loves peas and carrots so Nalah always gives them to her, since her dad always says to share with others.

One day she went to the zoo and met Tico, a Pink Tiger who followed her everywhere, even waived at her at the dolphins show.  Tico also took the bus with them all the way to their house.  Nalah’s mom closed the door on Tico, but she let him in. The tiger met Ernestina and started to chase her all over the dining room.  Nalah took him upstairs to her room and there he started to fight with Percival the pig. Everything was a mess; there was toilet paper all over the place. Then Mad Tooth got mad and tired of it and roared at Tico.  Tico got so scared that he ran to the attic to hide. Nalah ran behind him and told him not to bother her friends and made him promise to behave. He tried to keep his promise but not all the time.  

“Nalah and the Pink Tiger” by Anne Sawyer-Aitch is a fun story but Nalah got a lot of trouble because of her imagination.

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