Children and Reading – Inspiring Wonder and Imagination


Today, for most Americans, school starts at the tender age of 5 years old. In which young children are taught the basics like how to read, write, add, and subtract. I remember the main focus in elementary school was reading and still is from what I’ve observed from my younger siblings. Teachers desperately try to engage students in books by requiring reading logs and introducing prominent children's books to them. Reading is a skill that gifts the power to learn and communicate. At first, learning is by no means easy or a true passion for it has to inspire.

There are thousands of children's book out there, each typically crafted with a moral and lesson in mind. As a result children's books play a huge role in kid’s lives because they teach them how to read and spark their imagination. Often people have the mindset that they are not learning anything reading fictional books because they can’t see any facts or information. However reading develops comprehension, empathy, and wonder. For a child nowadays with both books and tablet readers, it can be difficult to resist the world of online games and cartoons. While these things are by no means bad, there is a different feeling and understanding when watching a movie versus reading a book.  Children can think for themselves and develop a relationship with characters in a book easier than in a cartoon. What better way to teach a child to try new things than “Green Eggs and Ham” by Doctor Seuss. He and many other authors entertain and teach kids through their stories.

 After I grew out of only reading picture books I lost interest in reading and saw it as a chore my teacher was making me do. Luckily after I had read “Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief” by Rick Riordan it was like I had a tiny awakening. I read and read, everything from Harry Potter to books about stereotypical high school life that I was enamored by. Although I haven’t lost my love of reading, I too haven’t picked up a book on my own for a while and have turned to bingeing on Netflix when I have free time. I’m not that old, but I think that as people get older they blame the things they don’t do on time. Everyone I’ve talked to say they simply don’t have time to read including myself. However after writing this article and remembering the feeling of hearing my favorite children's books I am inspired to start making time to read again. The books many of us feel as a part of our growing up is an important feeling for children to have.

There is no one perfect formula to creating a children’s book. All there has to be is a story that has the power to catch the attention of a child. It is amazing how an author can use a small and simple set of words to communicate a message that shapes the way a child sees the world around them.