The Legend of Captain McFinn and Friends

Phyllis Cafaro
McFinn Press (2012)
ISBN 9780979928369

Reviewed by Miles Cassell (age 2) and Mom for Reader Views (9/12)

I love the anti-bully message and Miles loves the “bubbles” in “The Legend of Captain McFinn and Friends” by Phyllis Cafaro. Miles didn’t much pay attention to the story, however, in time I am sure he will care about that part. He was mesmerized by the illustrations. I particularly liked the introduction pages that show each character and Miles repeated the names of each fish with pure excitement.

The story starts out with the fish finding a ship that has sunk. They want to make it their clubhouse. The bully bunker fish try to scare the others away. As the story progresses, all the fish become friends and the Sandy Dusty Reef becomes a place everyone likes to swim and play, teaching kids to make a difference and be nice to everyone.

With this book there was also a music CD which Miles sure does bust-a- move to! Miles loves the songs and dances around the living room with the book in his hand. We like “The Legend of Captain McFinn and Friends” and look forward to another Captain McFinn story.

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